Exciting Waterfall Recreation Destinations in Medan

Exciting Waterfall Recreation Destinations in Medan – As many of us know that there are many destinations for the best recreation and earn more income. As the capital city of North Sumatra, Medan is famous for having a number of culinary tours to natural destinations with alluring charms. Well, when it comes to natural tourism in Medan, you can choose a waterfall as a destination that many tourists visit while on vacation there, you know.

Its stunning natural scenery and cool air around it are guaranteed to be one of the most impressive vacation destinations. Here are some recommendations for waterfall tours in Medan that you can visit.

Exciting Waterfall Recreation Destinations in Medan

1. Situmurun Waterfall
The flow of waterfalls generally comes from river water that flows from high places to low places and ends up being a puddle. So it is different with Situmurun Waterfall, whose water flows directly into Lake Toba.

For the height of tourist destinations located in Jonggi Nihuta, Hatinggian, Kec. Lumban Julu, Kab. Toba lawyerkenmore Samosir, North Sumatra reaches 70 cm with 7 levels.

The beautiful natural charm can also be enjoyed on the boat or directly by swimming. But please be careful not to get too close to the fall of the waterfall considering the flow in that place is very strong.

2. Mursala Waterfall
Around Mursala Island there is a Mursala Waterfall which has a height of 35 m with a stream of water flowing on a granite cliff and the flow of water directly falls into the Indian Ocean.

The existence of a waterfall that directly falls to the surface of the sea is an attraction for local and foreign tourists. Even Mursala Falls was immortalized in the Hollywood film King Kong, you know. Should be proud of this!

3. Sipiso-piso Waterfall
Not far from the vicinity of Lake Toba or precisely located in Pengambaten, Kec. Brand, Kab. Karo, North Sumatra, Sipiso-piso Waterfall has a height of up to 120 m above sea level. This height makes the flow of the waterfall have a crashing sound resembling the sound of a knife. This is the reason why this waterfall is named Sipiso-piso.

In addition to its unique name, Sipiso-piso Waterfall also has the complete beauty of Lake Toba from a distance. However, to be able to arrive at this destination, visitors must pass through the stairs which are said to have a thousand stairs.