July 2022


-TYPES OF INDEPENDENT BANK LOANS FOR INDIVIDUALS It’s no longer surprising to be independent, now many can borrow at independent banks, a trader and a business can do it. Today, borrowing funds at the bank is no longer as difficult as it used to be.

In fact, the presence of loan products at banks is available with various options that can of course be adapted to the needs of prospective debtors. One of the banks in Indonesia that is known to offer many types of loans is Bank Mandiri. The largest national bank provides at least loans with clearly different functions according to needs So, to find out what types of Bank Mandiri loans are, here is CekAja, which summarizes the information specifically for those of you who may be interestedknow it.

-Types of Bank Mandiri Loans

-Multipurpose Self Credit

Category: Individual Loans The first type of Bank Mandiri loan that CekAja will discuss is the Mandiri Multipurpose Loan (Mandiri KSM). This personal credit facility is specifically given to everyone, both employees and professionals who have a steady income, to retirees. With Mandiri KSM, each debtor can meet their personal needs, from education, health, home renovation, to wedding expenses. Advantages of Mandiri KSM: Competitive interest rates Fast process, only 1 day liquid only Low credit fee Loan ceiling up to IDR 1 billion The maximum tenor is 15 years Mandiri KSM costs: Life insurance premiums adjust rate Provision fee of 1% of credit limit Administration fee of IDR 100 thousand

-Multipurpose Credit

Category: Individual Loans This Multipurpose Loan product is a type of Bank Mandiri loan with collateral in the form of a house, shophouse, or office. The purpose of this multipurpose loan is known to take over or top up. Take over itself in the form of transfer of similar credit facilities from other banks. Meanwhile, top up is the addition of the limit on credit facilities on existing or running Multiguna Mandiri products.

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-Multipurpose Credit Advantages:

Competitive interest rates starting from 6.99% fixed for the first 3 years with a minimum tenor of 12 years Maximum limit of IDR 10 billion for employees and professionals and IDR 200 million for entrepreneurs Loan term up to 10 years